Cybersecurity is an ever present concern in our current society. Keeping vital data out of the wrong hands is critical need for every agency and company. But with this challenge comes opportunity for those trained and certified in combating these threats. LKA offers Cybersecurity training and certification to prepare you for a highly demanded career in Cybersecurity. The following are some of the training we provide. Review them and contact us to register and get started:

Positions we are offering and Apply

Successful candidates must have strong teamwork skills, positive attitude, strong work ethic, and the necessary qualifications. The person in the position will install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems including lighting, electronic controls for machines. Canididate must have knowledge of current electrical code.

A+ Certified Technicians with 2 years minimum experience.

  • Good communication skills and knowledge of desktop applications.

Here you can download and fill your application form and submit your resume, we are willing to contact and if possible, work with you.